Clausing Industrial has been dedicated to machine tool production for over 100 years. Offering quality manual and automatic mills, lathes, drills, & grinders.

Featured Series

  • Mills
  • Mills | Standard Bed & Vertical Knee

    Affordable full line of Standard Bed and Vertical Knee Mills. With great cutting power, large capacities, and Mechanic or Electronic Variable Speed options.

    Clausing Standard Bed Mills
    Up To 16.75" x 62" Table Size; Up To 2,000 lbs Table Load Capacity
    Up To 7.5 Hp Spindle with Inverter Speed Drive on Super Model
    Clausing Vertical Knee Mills
    Up To 10" x 54" Table Size; Up To 990 lbs Table Load Capacity
    Up To 5 Hp Spindle Speed Drive on Super Models

  • Lathes
  • Lathes | Colchester Geared Head Lathe

    Clausing/Colchester Geared Head Engine Lathes are the industry standard for conventional lathes... because the quality built into every machine translates into real long-term performance in your application. Rugged construction, consistent quality in design and production and the "human engineering" which makes the operator more efficient, all make this lathe a cost-effective investment.

    13" & 15" Diameter Swing, Geared Head
    12 spindle speeds from 40 - 2500 rpm 13", 16 spindle speeds from 25 - 2000 rpm 15"
    3 HP Spindle on 13", 7.5 HP on 15"

  • Drills
  • Drills | Drill Presses, Radial Drills, Column Drills

    With a 100 year history of drill press manufacturing the Clausing Drill Press has become an icon and industry standard.

    Radial Drills
    A Line of Precision Heavy-Duty, Large Capacity Radial Drills
    Drill Presses
    Variable Speed 20" Single and Multi-Spindle, Belt Drive Industrial Drill Presses
    Ibarmia Geared-Drive, Prismatic Column Drills
    A Line of Precision, High Performance Geared-Drive Prismatic-Column Drills
    Ibarmia Round Column Drills
    A Full Range of Precision, High Performance Geared-Drive and Belt-Drive Round-Column Drills

  • Grinders
  • Grinders | Manual, Hydraulic, & Automatic

    A line of Precision Low-Cost, High Performance Grinders

    Precision Manual Surface Grinders
    Enlarged Column & Base Enlarged column & base create high stability & rigidity
    Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinders
    Column Wide, deep base & honeycomb ribbing are especiallsy suitable for heavy duty grinding.
    Precision Automatic Surface Grinders
    Precision & Large Capacity Automatic Surface Grinders

*All information subject to change depending on machine.